Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lord help me, I've started a blog

The day has finally arrived...I am officially a blogger. I always wondered if I would join the blogger nation, but convinced myself that reading my friends cute blogs was enough for me. I'm not exactly sure why I woke up (my husbands weekday alarm went off at 6:45 am and Penny decided it was time to play) this Saturday morning and decided today was the day to begin documenting our quirky life (maybe it was all the coffee and I'm bored). All that said, here I am...sitting on the couch with a sleeping puppy next to me and one below my feet.

I can't promise you too much, but at minimum I hope you have a few laughs. I am so blessed to have a wonderful life with my husband, Wesley, my hilarious friends and an extremely loving and supportive family. Life moves at the speed of light for most of us and we are fortunate to spend most days with the people we love.

I have been thinking about where I should can I possibly bring you up to speed without telling the background story of my life? I just don't think you would understand if I didn't start from the beginning. Don't worry, I'm not going to post every picture of my first day of school and drag you through all the details, but I think I will start from the beginning. Being a southern gal...I can't divulge my age, but let's just say it was only around 20-something years ago.

Things to Come:
* Hello world to high school (Not sure how my parent's didn't strangle me or I didn't give them a heart attack)
* Goodbye Texas, Hello Arkansas
* The Boy Next Door...our love story
* 2010 - present

It wouldn't be right to not showoff my cute little here is a preview:

Mr. Mojo - my trusty sidekick

Penny Pearl - Our new puppy

My super fun husband, Wesley and I on vacation!

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